Picking your First Guitar Song

This is it! After months of callouses on your fingers, broken strings, and muted chords, you are finally on the way to making your next big step as a guitarist; playing your first song.

The first song is your last hurdle, and once you play one song, then nothing is stopping you from playing them all, but how do you pick a guitar song that will show off your skill without being too hard? Well, here are a few easy tricks to follow.

First, look at the chords you have learned so far. Whether you are self-taught or took part in some individual guitar lessons westport ct services, you should know the five common chords which are: C, D, G, Em, and Am. These are the cornerstones for millions of songs, and with them, under your bel, you cannot go wrong.

You need to pick a song with these chords, and 2 or 3 chord songs are the best. The biggest hurdle you’ll have with playing guitar and singing a song is changing chords with the beat, so if you can minimize the number of chords you have to cycle through, then that’s’ great.

Next, try to pick a song you know by heart and can sing without forgetting the lyrics. This is about focusing on the guitar, plus if you know the song you can use that knowledge to help you. Then, go through the song slowly and just start strumming on the beats.

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Pause when it’s time to switch chords and keep going, pausing at every switch and making sure the note rings clear. As you continue this exercise, then you’ll find your switching getting easier, and soon you’ll be able to play through the song without any trouble at full speed.